Breath of Eden
The synergy of Conscious Connected Breathwork & Sound Healing


At 'Breath of Eden' we are passionate about supporting others in their own journey of discovery with their breath.

We love witnessing them unlocking the power to make dramatic positive changes in their lives. 

This work enhances physical, emotional and spiritual well-being at the deepest level; and shifts deeply rooted belief systems & behaviours that may be shaping everything in our lives including our relationships.

It takes us to that 'silent stillness' in between the thoughts & relieves stress and trauma, creating calmness.

Let go of what no longer serves you!

We welcome you to breathe with us in synergy with healing vibrations and acupressure/ body work.

Allow yourself to leave the past behind you just as a snake sheds its skin! ♥

For millennia, countless civilisations have been aware of the healing power of the breath, and that the way we breathe is is directly related to how we live our lives!

We are all born with a perfect connected breath (just like babies and animals) however as adults we have been conditioned to only use 30% of our respiratory system. 

This breathwork allows us ultimately to use ALL of our respiratory system by releasing restrictive breath patterns. 

When our bodies are fully oxygenated we can fulfil our ultimate healing capacity.


Relieves asthma, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, addictive behaviors, IBS, PCOS &fertility issues. 

The 'Ultimate Detox' as a staggering 70% of our toxins

leave us via the breath.

Allows access to higher levels of consciousness; deepening our relationship with ourselves.


Releases emotional blockages & baggage.


Clear negative thought patterns and limiting beliefs.