I have an eternal love and connection with horses, and following my Msc Equine Science I trained in McTimoney chiropractic work (Msc Animal manipulation). This work led me to 'Animal Reiki' and I then followed my healing path to 'Reiki Master'and 'Advanced Theta Practioner' with the legendary 'Anna Kitney'. My work in 'Theta Healing' then sparked my passion to train further in Kinesiology! 

I fell in love with breathwork 7 years ago, and the benefits to my own personal development were so profound that I made it my mission to train extensively & to share it with others. I trained fully in 'Transformational Breath®' whilst blessed to have friend and colleague' Breath Guru' - Alan Dolan as my mentor throughout. I was also was honored to train with the founder of 'Transformational Breath®' herself 'Judith Kravitz' in China! 

I am also passionate about music & also the profound healing qualities of  the vibration of sound; and was blessed to discover how Sound Healing works in perfectly beautiful synergy with the breathwork.  I then chose to train with the amazing Tim Wheater & Cherub ; and to add a powerful 'Sound Healing Element' to ALL my sessions!

My 'breath adventures' have taken me all around the world including Brazil, Netherlands, Italy, and China. I then went on to hold  'Bespoke Breathwork Retreats' in Mexico, Moorea and the Galapagos Islands.

After my extensive training in both 'Steiner' & 'Pikler' child care, I have worked in 3 London schools sharing the magic of the breath with little people. I am soon  to launch 'Little Eden' sessions for children!


I also hold 'Antenatal Breathwork' sessions especially adapted to support those magical months of pregnancy!


I am fully certified in our work and fully insured with 'Balens Ltd'