'Little Eden' Children's Session

This is a beautiful opportunity for children to explore Mindfulness, Movement, 'Conscious Connected Breath' in a fun, safe & supportive environment ♥ with some space for creative Art Work!


'Breath of Eden' is delighted to welcome 'Little Ones' age 5 - 10 years old, to our two hour 'Little Eden' Workshops

Parents are not required to stay with the children; however they are welcome to if they would like ♥

  • I am trained in 'Holistic Baby and Child Care & 'Steiner' & 'Pikler'

  • Level 3 Child Care

  • Fully Insured


  • Fully trained on up-to-date 'Paediatric first aid'

Just like adults, children can potentially suppress their inner emotions and traumas. Conscious Connected Breathing unlocks the FULL potential of the respiratory system m& clears the energy of the blocked emotions and memories.

It is a drug-free remedy for respiratory illness, asthma and countless other conditions

70% of toxins leave us via the breath so this is the ultimate way to detoxify the body.

Breathing techniques can enable & allow children to fully relax, stress levels are naturally reduced & healthy hormones are released. This technique increases energy levels, concentration, focus, and relaxation.

The trio of movement, mindfulness & breathwork enables children to be completely present during the workshop; raising self-awareness and self-esteem ♥

As we teach children to breathe more deeply and to bring their presence & more energy into their bodies, it allows them to be more focused. Therefore this can be very helpful in Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)


A life time of  'holding our breath'  when experiencing pain & extreme anger or sadness , permanently changes the breathing pattern which can lead to damaging consequences!


My work in 'Steiner' & 'Pikler' child care methods has included extensive 'child observation' of different ages. It is clear that babies and young children are nothing but present in the moment and focused in the pure joy of play. They show little awareness of the adults and certainly no self-consciousness! 

Children are completely true to themselves and portray nothing other than their 'authentic self'


 So... why do we lose this???

All animals and babies breathe correctly and fully in a connected, circular flowing breath with no restrictions.


However, as humans grow up and 'life happens' we are sub-consciously 'conditioned' to restrict our breath from an early age in order to suppress our emotions and feelings. The adult breath has a pause either side of each breath, between the inhales and exhales, and approximately 70% of adults breath mainly in their chest as opposed to diaphragmatic breathing. 

In my extensive work with children it is easy to notice changes in their expression & breathing pattern as they grow.

My goal is to share this gift & simply remind children how to breathe!

Prevention of destructive restrictive breath patterns (the best medicine) therefore allows children to maintain more of their true authenticity for a healthier and happier life!